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We Love our Moms!
We want to help you pamper mom...
The below prices are real reduction from the normal price and may never be repeated.

Take one, take two, recharge dad at the same time!

IV Vitamin and Minerals can cost start at $150.00 in the USS & AU...

A real saving on price, but not on quality... We all luv our moms...
Terms & Conditions
This offer is to be used on
Tuesday or Thursday
If you have bad veins, then the IV can be changed for other services
Offer is for anytime in MAY.
Client must have a consultation with
Dr. Leo before IV Vitamins.

Both offers
Can take 3 hours
Are to pamper mom or dad!
To show you what we offer
We trust you will love what we do and tell others, your healthy longevity is our goal!
Relaxation Massage
Magnetic Pulse
$160.00 Value
IV Vitamin C
20 Gram Vit C
5ml Mitraz Multi Minerals
One other mystery Product
Based on your personal needs
Relaxation Massage
Magnetic Pulse
$175.00 Value
Massage with hands, special oil and mechanical Thumper!
  • Benefit: Massage with Coconut Oils and essential Oils
  • Feature: Pain relief soft or deep tissue 
  • Options:
     30 minute location massage
     60 minute all over relaxation Massage
     90 minute intensive pain relief massage
Take 40% Off all Massages in May
Colonic Irrigation
  • Benefit: Clean the Colon and give this important part of your body a rest
  • Feature: Closed system, clean and easy
  • Options:
  • One treatment is great per- surgery or travel. $60.00
    2 Treatments Monday and Wednesday to detox $100.00
    3 Treatments Monday - Wednesday - Friday great to detox and feel good. $150.00
    3 Treatments for 2 weeks week off and 2 weeks. Total 12 Treatments, prepaid $500.00
Take 40% off your first Colonic Introduction Offer
Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Benefit: Oxygenate and heal from with-in
  • Feature: watch a movie while your body is oxygenated
  • Options:
  • One treatment is great per-surgery or travel. $100.00
    2 Treatments Monday - Friday $180.00
    3 Treatments for 2 weeks week off and 2 weeks. Total 12 Treatments, prepaid $250
Take off 20% Introduction Offer Ends Soon
2D 3D Ultrasound
Safe Breast & Body Screening
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