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IV for Cancer

Cesium High pH Therapy

High pH Therapy is the first therapy that can shrink a cancer in weeks. Not in all cases, but fast growing, located high in the body. Active Metastasized Cancer we have seen respond with-in 10 days. I am going to discuss High pH therapy also referred to as Cesium Therapy. In addition to cesium, there are another important 14 minerals that are needed to safely do this therapy orally or by IV.

In this article it is mainly talking about the IV treatment of the Alternative Cancer Therapy Cesium HIGH pH THERAPY or CESIUM THERAPY.

Before we start, let me strongly pass on a message from all the Doctors and team at Atlantis Salud Spa. This therapy when done correctly we believe produces results that can only be described as more then promising.

High pH is only available in a 3 months Program


IV for Cancer

GcMAF for many conditions including Cancer

What is Gc-MAF?

It is a human protein. One week’s GcMAF looks like a small raindrop. If properly produced it is perfectly sterile, and a most ethical course for doctors.

GcMAF is therefore a replacement therapy for those who can’t make their own. Taking GcMAF replaces the missing part of the immune system, and also acts as the body’s own internal medicine.

GcMAF is extracted and isolated; it’s a 24 step process, and at the end it must have tests to prove its sterility and activity. (If it does not come with published tests, it’s probably not GcMAF.) One

GcMAF has been tested in universities, laboratories and clinics, where, as a result of the testing, consistent activity and sterility have always been found, and been the subject of 40 scientific research papers.


IV for Cancer

Vitamin B17 also called Laetrile

Vitamin B-17 also called Laetrile
It contains two units of glucose (sugar), one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanide, all tightly locked together within it. Ref: WWC, pp102

Vitamins play vital role in metabolism of our body; Vitamin B-17 finds its share of perks in Alternative Cancer Therapy.

It is most important to eat seeds; seeds contain Vitamins including Vitamin B-17. 1-2 seeds per hour should be eaten while you have Cancer. These must be chewed and held in mouth as long as they liquefy. The best result can be gained by eating 3-5 seeds per waking hours.

Vitamin B-17 Laetrile is water soluble and non-toxic. It can be as safe as a salt or sugar. It lowers the blood pressure and is one of the healthiest foods on Earth. It strengthen the walls of Arteries and Heart, of course it also targets the Cancer cells.
Ref: WWC by G. Edward Griffin.

Some Cancer Patients felt nausea after having Vitamin B-17 Laetrile; it is just like eating too much sugar or salt. In such case the dosage should be reduced.

There are many different foods and herbs that have healing properties. It is common knowledge among scientists and holistic doctors that combinations of therapies are more effective than just one. Put together what you can with, of course, the key center, and middle core, the seed.


IV for Cancer

Ozone Therapy

Before you learn about Ozone, how do we apply ozone treatment?

At Atlantis, depending on your case, we take out 50ml of your own blood, mix it with ozone and re-inject that blood.10 times in one treatment this is repeated. Once, twice or three times a week.

This will vary, depending on what other treatments you are doing, the type of cancer you have, and your reaction to this or other therapies. We also inject directly into the location, bone area and ligament.

In some cases, we also inject directly into the cancer.
The video at the side, is very good at explaining this therapy.